List of Monuments, Memorials and Sculptures

(01) Portrait Bench, Glyne Gap

(02) Trafalgar Beacon, Galley Hill

(03) Orientation Table, Galley Hill

(04) 1902 motor racing starting line stone, Galley Hill

(05) Victoria House, Middlesex Road

(06) Serpollet sculpture, De La Warr Parade

(07) 1902 motor racing finishing line stone, De La Warr Parade

(08) War Memorial, Marina

(09) Wall Mosaic, Bexhill Railway Station

(10) Peace Memorial, Sea Road

(11) First World War Belgian Refugees’ Memorial, Sea Road

(12) Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock, High Street, Old Town

(13) St Peter’s Church 1200th Anniversary Commemorative Panel, Manor Gardens,

Old Town

(14) Commemorative railings, St Peter’s Church, Old Town

(15) Memorial Gardens, Barrack Road, Old Town

(16) Charles Anson Memorial Clock, Bexhill Hospital, Holliers Hill

(17) Margaret Scrivens Memorial Wall, London Road

(18) Malet Memorial Hall, London Road

(19) Victoria Hall, Victoria Road

(20) Henry Lane Memorial Drinking Fountain, Buckhurst Place

(21) Sainsbury’s wall relief, Buckhurst Place

(22) Bexhill’s heritage lamp posts, Town Centre

(23) Bexhill Youth & Community Centre, Station Road

(24) Bexhill Centenary flowerboxes, Town Centre

(25) Bexhill Rotary Club Coin Collector, Marina Court Garden

(26) Roll of Honour of Civilian War Dead Memorial, Marina Court Garden

(27) South and east wall roundels, De La Warr Pavilion, Marina

(28) Colonnade, Central Parade

(29) Sundial, Central Parade

(30) Frapping-Anchor point, West Parade

(31) Walking the Way to Health plaques, West Parade

(32) Clock Tower, West Parade

(33) Orientation Table, West Parade

(34) Bexhill Museum, Egerton Road

(35) Pebblerush sculpture, Egerton Park

(36) Chainsaw sculptures, Egerton Park

(37) Harry Long Memorial Clock, Polegrove

(38) St Augustine’s Church, St Augustine’s Close, off Cooden Drive

(39) St Martha’s Roman Catholic Church, Little Common

(40) War Memorial, Little Common

(41) Little Common village sign on roundabout

(42) Peace Pole, Galley Hill

(43) RNLI coin collector, Marina

(44) Denbigh tree carving, Little Common Road

(45) Max Faulkner memorial plaque, Sutton Place

(46) Bexhill Butterfly, Wickham Avenue, and other public artworks

(47) Tommy Memorials; Marina, Bexhill Railway Station, Bexhill Museum and Little Common

(48) Tree of Hope, Marina

(49) Wave of Hope, West Parade

(50) Bexhill flag

(51) Welcome to Bexhill mural, Sea Road

(52) Footbridge Gallery, Endwell Road

 Appendix of small stone reliefs

(A) Old Magistrates Court, 24 Cantelupe Road

(B) Old Police Station, 26 Cantelupe Road

(C) St Barnabas’ Church, Sea Road

(D1) St Mary Magdalene’s Roman Catholic Church, Sea Road

(D2) St Mary Magdalene’s Roman Catholic Church, Sea Road

(E) Post Office, Devonshire Square

(F) Our Lady of the Rosary RC, Southlands Road, Sidley

(G) Chapel, Bexhill Cemetery, Turkey Road

Appendix of Gone but not forgotten memorials

(I) Maharajah of Cooch Behar’s Memorial Fountain, ex Colonnade and

Egerton Park

(II) Alf Evans bust, ex De La Warr Parade

4 Responses to List of Monuments, Memorials and Sculptures

  1. Karen Boast says:

    This plaque is an important piece of Bexhill history, I do believe it needs to be found and placed along Bexhill seafront!
    Max was an important part of our history! Such a shame that his memory is being forgotten!!


  2. John I. says:

    Yes I know what you mean!

    We are still working through all the wonderful photo’s – it’s a magnificent blog thank you.



  3. william wilkinson says:

    Time to replace Max Faulkeners and other Plaques I feel. Without articles like this one who was to know they once graced the town.


  4. Val Hunnisett says:

    if we had a Town Council perhaps they could declare these ‘treasures of Bexhill’ and arrange a volunteer (or otherwise) rota to clean/maintain yearly. (Thinking of the Sainsbury’s one – needs a bit of TLC).


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